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First Aid Restocking, Fire Extinguishers & Promotional Embroidery:


First Aid:

Occupational Health & Safety is an area of increasing responsibility and regulation for employers. As it is a legal requirement and the responsibility of the employer to maintain a safe workplace with an appropriate First Aid Kit properly maintained.

We would like to offer to you our servicesand trust that you, like many of our customers, will benefit from our commitment to a reliable and prompt service.

A properly maintained First Aid Kit is an economical workplace insurance.

You can be assured that your First Aid Kit will always be up to date and stocked accordingly to the standard requirements of the Victorian Code of Practice, and that the use-by date on all items will be checked on a regular basis and replaced if necessary. We will also keep you up to date on any new products.

Service On-Site from our service vehicles.
This ensures your First Aid Kit is re-stocked the same day, as we carry a wide range of products in our vehicles, saving you the cost of delivery fees.


Fire Extinguishers:

Fire extinguishers are active equipment used to help control small fires. Fortunately, they typically do not expire, however what many people do not know is that they are required to be recharged after every use and checked even if it hasn’t been used.

In order to comply with Australian Workplace Safety Standards, it is mandatory for portable fire extinguishers to be regularly inspected, tested, and serviced by an accredited professional. The maintenance regime for the inspection and testing of fire extinguishers and hydrants is specified in the Australian Standard AS 1851 Maintenance of Fire Protection Systems and Equipment.

All fire extinguishers have to be inspected at six monthly intervals. If they don't have a pressure gauge, they may need to be weighed to check they are still full.

There may be other fire extinguisher servicing requirements at 3, 5, or 6 years such as having them emptied, pressure tested, and refilled

We want all of our clients to learn how to use our products properly and adhere to current fire code regulations, so that in case of an actual emergency, you will know what to do right away.

 If you’re interested in a demonstration or installation of our world-class fire extinguishers inside of your home, office, or restaurant, give us a call today!


Promotional Embroidery:

We are well respected using selective partnerships with only the industry's top safety brands, this allows us to bring you the best of the best. You are in good hands with our dedicated embroidery staff. 

We have enough inventory to outfit any size work crew no matter what job type, seasonal condition, or visibility hazard.

Our staff can arrange to professionally digitize your company logo and we have quality approval checks in place to ensure a professional and high standard finish. We strive to make the purchase of custom printed safety work gear, hard hats & personal protective equipment  Easy, Convenient and Affordable. 

To book any of the above services please contact us at sales@teaco.com.au

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